Judith Wright's Biography

19152000: Australian poet. After graduating from the Univ. of Sydney, she worked variously as a clerk, secretary, and statistician. She is regarded as one of the most important Australian writers of the 20th cent. Her lyric poetry is marked by sensitivity of interpretation and absolute mastery of technique. Among her volumes of poetry are The Moving Image (1946), The Gateway (1953), City Sunrise (1964), and Collected Poems, 19421970 (1971). She has also published books for children; biographies of the Australian writers Charles Harpur and Charles Lawson; and the critical work, Preoccupations in Australian Poetry (1965).

"Rainforest" by Judith Wright

The forest drips and glows with green.
The tree frog croaks his far-off song.
His voice is stillness, moss and rain
drunk from the forest ages long.

We cannot understand that call
unless we move into his dream,
where all is one and one is all
and frog and python are the same.

We with our quick dividing eyes
measure, distinguish, and are gone.
The forest burns, the tree frog dies,
yet one is all and all are one.