American Lit. Syllabus

Unit One

Section One A
(in-class) Intro p. 1-10
Columbus p. 12-18
(in-class) Native American p. 20
Earth on Turtle's Back p. 22-23

Section One B
When Grizzlies Walked Upright p. 24-25
Navajo Origin Legend p. 26-27
Iroquois Constitution p. 28-29
(in-class) Spanish Explorers p. 32
Journey through Texas p. 34-37
Boulders Taller than.... p. 38-39

Section One C
Olaudah Equiano p. 42-47
(in-class) Connections to Today's World p. 50
Diamond Island: Alcatraz p. 51-55
(in-class) Big Yellow Taxi p.56-57
(in-class) Smith & Bradford p.64
General History of Virginia p. 66-70
Of Plymouth Plantation p.71-75
The Right Stuff p. 79-81

Section One D
Bradstreet and Taylor p. 88-93
Jonathan Edwards p. 96-101
Iron Bird p. 104-108
Puritan Influence p. 109

Unit Two

Section Two A
(in-class) Intro p. 118-26
Benjamin Franklin p. 128-35
Thomas Jefferson & Thomas Paine p. 138-45

Section Two B
Phillis Wheatley p. 148-53
Martin Luther King p. 156-59
Henry & Franklin Speeches p. 166-73
Kennedy Inaugural Address p. 176-79

Section Two C
Franklin Almanack p. 186-89
Abigail Adams p. 192-96
Michel de Crevecoeur p. 197-99
Haley Roots p. 202-06

Unit Three

Section Three A
(in-class) Introduction
Fuller and Emerson p. 226-31
Washington Irving p. 234-45
Longfellow p. 248-53

Section Three B
William Cullen Bryant p. 256-61
Oliver Wendell Holmes p. 262-63
James Russell Lowell p. 26465
John Greenleaf Whittier p. 267-71

Section Three C
Meriwether Lewis p. 274-77
John Wesley Powell p. 278-81
Annie Dillard p. 284-87
Edgar Allan Poe p. 294-313

Section Three D
Nathaniel Hawthorne p. 316-27
Herman Melville p. 330-45

Section Three E
Joyce Carol Oates p. 348-55
Ralph Waldo Emerson p. 362-69
Henry David Thoreau p. 374

Section Three F
Bailey White p. 385-86
Emily Saliers p. 387
Emily Dickinson p. 396-402

Section Three G
Walt Whitman p. 406-16
Langston Hughes p. 419
Angela de Hoyos p. 420-21

Unit Four

Section Four A
Stephen Crane p. 443-46
Foster & Cooper p. 447
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot p. 452
Go Down, Moses Song p. 453
Frederick Douglass p. 458-63

Section Four B
Ambrose Bierce p. 468-75
Abraham Lincoln p. 480-82
Robert E. Lee p. 482-83
Stephen A. Stills p. 487

Section Four C
Mary Chesnut p. 496-98
Warren Lee Goss p. 499
Randolph McKim p. 500
Stonewall Jackson p. 501
Rev. Henry M. Turner p. 502
Sojourner Truth p. 503
Molly Moore p. 507-11

Section Four D
Mark Twain p. 520-20
Bret Harte p. 534-41

Section Four E
Miriam Davis p. 546-50
Chief Joseph p. 551
Jack London p. 556-65

Section Four F
James Cloyd Bowman p. 570-73
Amérigo Paredes p. 574
The Streets of Laredo Poem p. 576
Larry McMurtry p. 579-83
Kate Chopin p. 592-95

Section Four G
Paul Laurence Dunbar p. 600-01
Edwin Arlington Robinson p. 606-07
Edgar Lee Masters p. 608-09
Willa Cather p. 614-19
Anna Quindlen p. 623-25