Newspaper Article Assignment

A. The Article:
	1. less than a half page of a news paper (3 col)
	2. local news--within 50 mile radius
	3. must deal with a critical treatment of a person,
	    business, or institution
	4. copy needed in class next week

B. The composition will have at least three paragraphs (two
     pages typed--double spaced) but can have up to five   
     paragraphs is the content is appropriate.
	1. The three required paragraphs are
		a) summary of content or issue
		b) reporter's treatment of his subject as either
		    slanted or objective (should include examples
		    that support your argument)
		c) prediction of how this article will affect the 
		    person, business, or institution in question
	2. Optional content can include
		a) purpose behind location of article in paper
		b) other articles on the same topic in the news
		c) destructive/constructive factors
		d) possible motivations of the reporter or
		    news service
		e) effects from pictures or headlines
		f) whether the article was real "news" or just
		    a "created" issue