Explorations Job/Career
Research Project

Provide one page for each of the following sections (the web page section can be extended to two). Provide the sources for all of the information and formal works cited information for the web page section. Your cover page will include an outlined table of contents. The paper should be double spaced with standard (normal) type--12 point, Times New Roman.

I. Job Description:
Identify the work and responsibilities that are required for the chosen career. Discuss work hours and the mental and/or physical nature of the career. Include other aspects such as location or relocation, health risks, and anticipated age of retirement. Provide a clear overview of the kind of work that is expected.

II. Training:
Make sure that any degree or certificate that is needed is detailed. Describe the amount of formal schooling that is needed for the career and what it is expected to cost. Look at the possibilities of on-job training and how it is accomplished. Also, look at the difficulty level of the training.

III. Salary & Benefits:
Research the range of salary possibilities from start to end of a career. Look at the salaries for all positions that you may be considering for the near and distant future. Also, include the benefits package, including co-payment requirements. Finally, pension information is useful here.

IV. Interview:
Record several serious and interesting questions about the career you chose. Contact an individual in your field or choice (working in your desired position or involved in the training process). Set up an interview and record the answers. Provide a summary of the most interesting responses.

V. Internet Sites:
Locate four separate internet sites that are related to the field background of your chosen career. Record the web page address and provide a summary of its most useful information as related to your chosen career.


A. Interview Example Citation

Sowers, Harry. Business Management Instructor. Rowan University. 4 April 2005.

1. name of speaker
2. description of speaker's title or occupation
3. speaker's place of employment
4. date of interview

B. Internet Example Citation

U. S. Department of Education (ED) Home Page. 29 Sept. 1999.

US Dept. of Education. [the address would normally show here].

1. name of the web page
2. date the page was visited
3. group or organization hosting the page
4. web page address inside [ ]

C. Magazine or Pamphlet Example Citation

Green, Thornas A. "Top Prospects of the Ninties." News Review. 17.1

(1996): 2-14.

1. author's name, last first (may be none)
2. title of article--in quotation marks
3. title of publication--underlined
4. volume and number (written as 23.3)
5. publication date in parentheses
6. page # for entire article

D. Encyclopedia or Multi-Volume Example Citation

Wilson, Samuel, Ed. "Careers in Business." Occupational Information. 18

Vol. Palo Alto, Ca:Stanford U. Press, 1976. 7:127-49.

1. editor's name, last first (may be none)
2. title of article--in quotation marks
3. title of publication--underlined
4. total number of volumes
5. publication information (city-publishing house--copyright date)
6. volume number used, colon, page range of entry