Vocabulary List

A': Scottish for "all"
ABANDONED: left along and deserted; to give up a possession
ABATED: reduced or drawn back; brought to a lower level
ABSTAINER: one who stays out or decides not to participate
ABUNDANCE: plentiful; well-supplied; rich in number
ACCOMPLICE: one who aids a criminal while involved in a crime
ACQUAINTED: state of knowing or being familiar with
ACQUIT: to declare free from a criminal charge
ADAMANT: unyielding; refusing to give in
ADEQUATE: enough; the least amount needed for a purpose
ADJOINS: placed next to or closely connected with
ADMONISH: to be somewhat critical, but in a gentle way
AFFLICTER: one whose job or goal is to cause pain and punishment
ALTERED: changed; made different
AMBER: a brownish-yellow substance used for sculptures
AMIABLE: behaving in a friendly or a social way
AMOROUS: full of or outwardly showing love
ANON: poetic word meaning to happen soon on in a short time
ANTIDOTE: a substance which negates poison's effect on the body
ANXIOUS: a state of unrest from expecting something to develop
APPARITION: something that appears in a strange way like a ghost
APPRENTICE: one who trains with a master to learn an art
APPROPRIATED: taken possession of; claimed and received by law
ARCHAIC related to an old or a primitive time
ARDUOUS: difficult; full of hardship and stress
ARGOSY: a large ship or more often a fleet of ships
ARMS: weapons; guns to be used in a war
ARTIFICE: skill or cleverness; sly
ASCEND: to go upward; to rise up or climb
ASCERTAIN: to find out or to figure out
ASSUAGED: to make things easier or to simplify
ATTRIBUTE: a quality or characteristic of an average person
ATTRITION: gradual wearing away or weakening
AVARICE: a great desire to become wealthy at any cost
AVENGER: one who seeks repayment for a crime
AVERRED: to defend a statement as being true and accurate
BABBLER: one who speaks too much or speaks nonsense
BANDY: to argue over the price or fee in a friendly way
BANISHED:forced to leave one's home, usually for a crime
BARBARIAN: one whose behavior is wild and uncivilized
BARD: one who sings songs, usually telling a poetic story
BECOMES: looks attractive; improves the appearance
BEGUILED: to mislead, deceive, or cheat
BEGRUDGE: to keep something from someone else for spite
BELATED: coming late or after a thing is really needed
BELLIGERENT: warlike; showing a willingness to fight
BEREAVEMENT: in a state of sorrow due to a personal loss
BESTOW: give or present as a gift
BEWAIL: to complain, to cry, or to lament a personal loss
BEWEEP: to cry aloud, be in a state of sorrow and mourning
BLOTCHED: spotted; a discoloration or blemish of the surface
BLUDGEON: a short club; to hit with a short club
BOASTING: bragging about something; showing excessive pride
BOG: wet, marshy ground; a swamp-like area
BOON: a thing that beings wealth or prosperity
BOUGH: a leaf-covered branch from a tree
BRANDISH: to threaten an enemy by showing or waving a weapon
BREECHES: a man's trousers or pants
BROGUES: a stout, coarse shoe of old Ireland or Scotland
BURGHER: a respected citizen; a responsible person
BURNISHED: polished brightly to produce a mirror-like shine
BUTTRESS: a projecting arch of wood or stoneto support a roof
CAPRICIOUS: flighty; likely to alter behavior for slight reasons
CHAMP: chew hard and noisily; munch on food
CHASTE: pure in thought and action; innocent
CHEQUERED: patterned with two different-colored squares
CHIVALRY: noble qualities of knights in Medieval times
CLEFT: split; cut into two pieces
CLIMES: the general weather patterns of a given area
CLINK: a sound made from lightly touching metallic parts
COIL: like a wound rope--here, meaning the complications of life
COLOSSAL: vast or great in size, amount, or degree
COMMEND: express your approval or support for something
COMMENDED: praised for one's actions; giving the credit due
COMMERCE: conducting business by the exchange of products
COMMITTED: determined; one who will not quit for any reason
COMMORATION: a ceremony held to honor the dead
COMMUNE: communicate, not always with other human beings
COMPASS: the full range, reach, or scope of something
COMPUNCTION: feeling of regret over something; guilt
CONCEALED: hidden from view; kept as a secret
CONCEIT: a fanciful idea or expression; a flight of imagination
CONFER: given from or by a person of importance
CONJECTURE: a guess or prediction based on incomplete evidence
CONJURED: produce or create by magic
CONSEQUENCE: the results that come from an action; repayment
CONSTELLATION: a group of stars that in an astrological pattern
CONSTERNATION: shock or surprise due to a person's confusion
CONSUMMATION: complete, finish, or bring to a conclusion
CONTEMPLATING: thoughtfully study; meditate on a subject
CONTEMPT: to be scornful; disdainful; to hold in low regard
CONTEMPTUOUS: to consider a person as low and insulting
CORRUPT: ruined; turned unlawful due to greed
CORSELET: body armor which covers the trunk only
COUNSEL: a group which gives advice; to give advice upon request
COUNTENANCE: one's facial appearance; to give permission
COWERING: hiding behind something or acting in a cowardly way
COY: shy, modest, or bashful
CRAGS: a steep, rugged rock arising above the landscape
CROOK: a bend or twist, usually referring to an object
CUNNING: strong common sense; skilled in deception
DANK: damp or wet; soaked throughout
DECEITFUL: always hiding the truth or telling lies
DECEPTIVE:intended to hide the truth someone from the truth
DEMEANOR: a person's conduct or outward behavior, good or bad
DEMI-PARADISE: perfect place resembling the Biblical Eden
DERIVED: taken from the source; coming from something
DESOLATION: an empty, lifeless state; a mood of hopelessness
DESPISE: to feel a great hatred or dislike
DEVOURED: eaten; taken in in a violent action
DEVOUTLY: with a serious and dedicated desire; sincere feelings
DIPSOMANTIC: one who has no control over his drinking
DIRGES: sad and depressing funeral songs to mourn the dead
DISCONCERTED: upset; confused and unable to figure things out
DISCORD: lack of agreement or harmony; harsh
DISPOSES: eliminates or gets rid of something
DISPUTED:argued over; at the center of an argument
DISSENSION: a difference of opinion or a disagreement
DIVERSION: something that distracts one from important matters
DOMINION: the power to rule; the ability to control
DOOM: one's fate; a state of great trouble with no improvement
DOMINION: the power to rule; a ruler's area of influence
DOWNCAST: depressed and spiritless over unwelcome events
DREAD: great fear of what is about to happen
DROUGHT: the amount of fluid taken in a deep drink
DUMB: voiceless, unable to speak of make sounds
DUPLICITY: intentionally hiding feelings; being two-faced
DWELT: to have lived within a given home or place
ELABORATION: a development in great detail; completely detailed
ELOQUENT: forceful and powerful way of speaking
EMPHATIC: done with force; clearly expressed with no doubt
ENDURE: continue; last for a long time
ENMITY: a strong dislike which produces a desire for revenge
ENRICHED: improved and made more valuable or important
ENVOY: a messenger or official diplomat
ERE: poetic preposition that replaces "before"
ERRING: in error; one who is making mistakes
ETERNAL: ever-lasting, going on forever
EVASIVE: unclear or intended to mislead; avoiding capture
EXHORTATION: to urge another person to action or performance
EXILE: be forbidden from returning to your home
EXPLOITS: a series of adventures and spirited experiences
EXTRAVAGANCE: added and unnecessary cost; not worth the price
EXULTED: praised and honored as something special or sacred
FANCY: an impulsive idea; to imagine
FARE: to travel; to journey somewhere
FATE: controls one's expectations; what will happen
FEATURED: related to a person's physical features
FEIGN: fake; pretend; a trick attack or thrust in battle
FELICITIES: the cause or celebration of great joy and happiness
FELL (A): terrible or horrible; monstrous and to be feared
FEROCITY: a great, destructive energy; seeming dangerous
FERVENT: having great strength of feeling; intensely earnest
FIEND: an evil creature of person; one who intends to cause harm
FILCHED: stolen; taken away from someone in a sneaky way
FINICAL: pays close attention to small and unimportant details
FLASK: a small, flat, bottle-shaped container for a beverage
FLEET: 1) a group of ships 2) very fast moving
FLOGGED: beaten violently with a whip
FLOURISHED: to grow well or to thrive; in a state of good health
FOES: the enemy or one's opponents in battle
FOLLY: foolishness; full of mistakes or errors
FORBEAR: to hold back action; resist temptation to do something
FOUND: developed upon; built or based on
FRAU: a respected female citizen; a responsible woman
FRET: worry; be annoyed or irritated
FUGITIVE: one who avoids being caught
FUMES: smoke or gas that creates breathing problems
FURL: to roll up and secure large cloth as with a flag or sail
FUTILE: useless or hopeless; a waste of time
GALL: bitter feelings
GANG: Scottish for "go"
GAPED: to stare with a wide-open mouth as a result of surprise
GARLAND: wreath made of flowers and leaves
GAUDY: overdone; too "showy" to be tasteful
GENTEEL:showing signs of good manners; being cultured
GESTURES: things said or done to express one's feelings
GHASTLY: horrible; too terrible to be tolerated or excepted
GIRDETH: to prepare oneself for battle or war
GLEAM: a bright shining caused by reflected light
GLUTTON: one who takes more than he needs or eats too much
GORGE: to stuff oneself with food; eat beyond need
GRAPPLE: to struggle or battle with someone or something
GREAVES:armor that covers the leg from the knee to the ankle
GRIMACES: show disapproval through a movement of the face
HADES: the Greek underworld or home of the dead
HAPLY: by chance or by accident
HAVEN: a safe place; a spot that provides protection
HEARKEN: pay attention to; listen to carefully
HEATHEN: a person who is completely uncivilized and uncultured
HEIFERS: another name for young cows or calves
HEIR: one who will inherit wealth or property
HELMSMAN: one who steers a boat or ship
HELPMEET: an older expression meaning one's wife
HERALD: official who makes proclamations or carries message
HERALDS: action of making a proclamation or carrying a message
HOARDS: 1)large numbers 2) vast collections or possessions
HOSTELRY: an inn or a place for travelers to spend a night
IBEX: a wild goat with long, back-curved horns
IMMEDIATE: of the current time; deserving attention now
IMMORTAL:lives forever; never dies
IMPAIR: to cause to break down or operate incorrectly
IMPEDIMENT: a barrier or obstruction that causes a delay
IMPLORE: beg; ask with great sincerity
IMPUTE: to consider a person to be guilty; to blame someone
INCANTATION: the chant of special words in a magic spell
INCARNADINE: blood colored or covered with blood
INCESSANT: never ending; steady and continuous
INCLINED: likely to do something; shows a certain tendency
INCONGRUOUS: seeming out of place; not seeming to belong
INCONSTANCY: lack of firmness; fickleness
INCREDULITY: disbelief; surprised by developments
INDIGNATION: showing disapproval or anger; protesting
INDITE: put into writing or compose as a recorder
INDOLENT: dislike of work; lazy
INFINITY: unmeasured time; limitless and beyond measure
INGRATITUDE: lack of thankfulness for a favor previously done
INSCRIBED: written or engraved, usually in stone or wood
INSOLENCE: disrespectful or rude behavior; defiance of authority
INTANGIBLE: not physical; abstract; hard to define
INTERMINABLE: never ending; going on forever
INTIMATION: a hint or clue that causes one to consider
INTOXICATE: to make drunk or cause one to lose his senses
IRREPARABLE: can't be fixed or corrected with any remedy
JOUST: a battle between knights mounted on horses
JOVIAL: merry or good-humored
KIRK: a rural church or place of worship
KIRTLE: a woman's dress or skirt
LAIR: the cave-like home of a creature, related to nesting
LAMENT: an outward expression of sorrow; a sorrowful wail
LAMENTATION: noun form for lament
LAP (V): to drink as a dog does; waves breaking against a boat
LINDEN: a shade tree (or its wood) with heart-shaped leaves
LINEAGE: one's family tree or heritage
LOCKS: sections of human hair
LURID: horrible, terrible, and suggestive of violence
LUSTED: to greatly desire the possession of something
LUSTER: a brilliance, shine, or radiance
MADRIGAL: a song with parts designed for several voices
MAIDEN: a young, unmarried woman
MAXIM: a general truth or rule to live by
MEAD-HALL: a tavern or inn where people go to drink mead
MELANCHOLY:sad, gloomy, and depressed
MELODIE: older Scottish word for melody-- musical sounds
MELODIOUS: pleasant, musical sounds, related to vocal harmony
MINIMIZE: reduce to the smallest or least amount needed
MINISTERED: arranged or directed by a dignified official
MINSTRELSY: a group of musicians intending to perform
MIRTH: joy; happiness; reason for celebration
MONARCH: king or ruler of a land
MOORS: open, rolling, heather-covered land, often with marshes
MORTAL: must die; can't live forever
MOURN: be in a state of sorrow; expressing sorrow
MULTITUDINOUS: of or belonging to a large group of people
MUTTER: to speak in a low voice which is difficult to understand
MYRIAD: an extremely large number; a vast quantity
MYRTLE: a plant with evergreen leaves
MYTH: a tale invented to explain some feature of nature
NECTAR: the precious drink of the gods, not permitted for man
NIGH: near in time; soon to appear or happen
NOUGHT: nothing; having no matter nor substance
NOVICE: one who must await membership to a select group
NUNNERY: place for religious women to withdraw from the world
OBLIVION: a state of non-existance; unaware of what's happening
OBLIVIOUS: unaware; lacking the memory of something
OBSCURE: darken or make dim; to hide from view
OFFAL: the inner organs of a butchered animal
OMEN: a warning or clue concerning future events
OMNIPOTENCE: having complete or unlimited power
OPINE: to consider or hold as an opinion
ORDAINED: to order by law; make right by a holy law
ORNATE: greatly decorated; skillfully designed and detailed
PANDEMONIUM: wild confusion or disorder; insanity
PANPIPES: primitive musical instrument made out of reeds
PARABLE: a story designed to teach a moral or lesson
PARD: the archaic name for a leopard
PARLIAMENT: a group that meets to make important decisions
PARTRIDGE: a game bird
PATE: top of a person's head (sometimes when hairless)
PATRIARCH: a man of great age and dignity
PEDESTAL: a foundation that's used to support a column or statue
PENURIOUS: suffering from poverty; very poor
PERCHANCE: to happen by accident or without planning
PERCHED: sitting on a fixture, usually used in reference to birds
PERILOUS: involving a risk; dangerous
PERISHED: died; failed to remain healthy or alive
PERSISTENT: dedicated to the cause, refusing to quit or give up
PESSIMIST: one who only sees the bad or negative side of things
PETITION: a special request usually made through a document
PETTY: unimportant and trivial; view of a person without values
PHANTOM: a ghost or spiritual figure from the unknown
PIETY: respectful behavior; loyalty and devotion to one's family
PIPKIN: a small roughly made cooking pot
PLEDGE: to promise or give one's oath
PILGRIMS: those who make a religious journey
PLIGHT: a very dangerous or harmful situation
PLUME: a feather or feather-cluster used to decorate hats
PLUNDERING: taken by force; to rob during times of war
POSIES: a bunch of flowers--but, suggestive of verses in poetry
PRECEDENCE: coming before others in an order of importance
PRESUME: to suppose or to make a judgment
PREVAILED: to become stronger; to win or dominate
PRIME: strongest or best time in a person's life
PRIMORDIAL: a characteristic of the prehistoric era; ancient
PRINCIPLE: a rule for action; an established belief
PROCLAIMED: to speak out; publicly announce something
PROPHECY: a prediction of future events
PROTESTATION: voice objection to a situation or circumstance
PROVE: will turn out to be; will develop into an expected state
PROWESS: superior in ability or skill
PRUDENCE: being careful, using good judgment
PURGE: to purify or be rid of something that isn't wanted
PURSUED: chased or followed with intent to capture
PYRE: a pile of wood used for a funeral fire
QUACK: a poor or ill-trained doctor
QUENCH: to put an end to thirst
QUIRE: a section of 24 or 25 sheets of paper
QUIVER: a case that holds arrows
RADIANCE: a brightly shining light coming from within
RALLY: called together for a common purpose; bring together
RANCOUR: long-lasting, bitter hatred; deep spitefulness
RANK: foul smelling and disgusting
RANSOM: payment made to recover a captured person or object
RAVENING: greedily looking around for food or prey, like a wolf
RAVENOUS: being wildly hungry
RAZED: demolish; completely tear down
REALM: a kingdom; an area or region where one man rules
RECOILED: to move back quickly in fear, away from the cause
REDRESS: to rectify; correct or make amends for a problem
REFRAIN: to fail to act; to avoid completing a chore or duty
RELENTLESS: harsh; having no pity; refusal to stop or give in
RELISHED: an appetite or appreciation for something; a desire
RENOWNED: fame, being known by one's reputation
REPAIRED: to leave the room or retreat to another area
REPARATION: payment made for a crime committed in the past
REPLENISHED: to supply again; replace what was lost
RESOLVED: having a decided mind; firmly determined
RESURRECTED: dug up; brought back from a deep place
REVELED: expressed joy and spirit of celebration
REVERED: honored or respected; worthy of respect
REVERENCE: showing respect; consider as special or superior
RIGHTEOUS: feeling that one is support by moral or god's law
ROOST: the place upon which a bird sits or rests
RUB: a complication, twist in plans, or difficulty
RUSE: a trick or plan used to fool someone
SACKED: to steal valuables after an attack or invasion
SALLY: set out or start on a journey
SANS: being without; lost or gone
SAP (V): to draw the strength from something
SATCHEL: a briefcase of carrying bag for books or clothes
SAVORY: tastes or smells good
SAW: a well-known wise, old saying
SCABBARD a cover or case used to hold and carry a sword
SCEPTRE (or ER): a staff that serves as a sign or royalty
SCHEMER: one who plans or conspires in secrecy
SCOUNDREL: a villain or person with no moral values
SCROLL: a document written on a rolled sheet; a swirling design
SCRUPULOUS: concern for honesty, precision, or responsibility
SEA-NYMPH: a half-goddess who lives in the oceans
SEARING: cause to burn or wither due to intense heat or fire
SEEK: to go to; to journey to a specified place
SENTINEL: one who stands on guard and protects
SERENE: calm and peaceful; under control
SHANK: part of the leg between the ankle and knee
SHEEN: a bright shine or gloss
SHOOTS: young trees which have recently left the "seed" stage
SHRIEVE: to rid oneself of guilt or sin; to confess a crime
SHROUD: a cloth used for the burial of the dead
SHUFFLED: slang term meaning thrown off or thrown away
SICKLES: curved blades used for cutting grain
SINEWS: the muscles bound to bones which cause movement
SLANDER: a lie or falsehood that attacks someone's character
SLUGGISH: slow to react; tired or unwilling
SMITE: hit hard; strike down or injure
SMITTEN: favorably impressed; make a good impression
SMOTE: struck; hit; brought down with a heavy blow
SNEER: a twisted or evil expression meant to express dislike
SOBER: serious; using self-control and lacking celebration
SOCK: a comical drama or show; a humorous play
SOLITARY: alone, by oneself without any companionship
SONOROUS: sounding important and dignified
SPAKE: archaic form of the past tense for the verb "to speak"
SPAN: 1) a distance between 2) a bridge or crossing device
SPAWNED: to bring to life (as with fish eggs)
SPECTER: a ghost or the image of a ghost
SPENT: tired or worn out; loss of quality
SPINDLE: part of a device used for making thread
SPLENDOR: reflecting bright light; great and brilliant
SPOIL: a thing obtained through a special effort
SPRITE: a fairy or elf-like person
STAFF: a stick or pole used for support by an older person
STILL: cause to be silent; settle down
STOLID: showing or having little emotion; passive; disinterested
STRAIT: a narrow strip of water between two large land masses
STREWN: spread about; scatter in various directions
STRIPLING: a youth; a growing boy
STRUT: a dancing-like walk of someone desiring attention
STUDS: small, ornamental buttons usually used for shirts
SUBTLE: slight and hard to detect; sly and clever
SUCCOR: to provide assistance at a time of need
SUCKLING: an infant farm animal, usually a pig
SULLEN: brooding and depressed; in a continual sad state
SUP: variation for slow drinking; to dine
SUPPRESSED: put down by force; restrain or keep back
SWAINS: peasants; young men without titles of nobility
SWATHES: bandages used to wrap or bind an injury
SWOONING: in a state of bewilderment or weakness; ready to faint
TALON: the claw from a bird of prey
TARRY: to go slowly or delay
TEEMING: crawl about in great numbers, related to insects
TEMPERATE: moderate; calm and under control
TEMPEST: a storm with violent winds
TEMPORAL: lasting for a short time; will come to an end
TERN: a small sea gull
THRICE: three times
TIMID: shy; one who hesitates to express feelings or opinions
TRANSIENT: temporary; passes away in due time
TREACHERY: dangerous; seeming safe but really being harmful
TREAD: to walk upon or along a path
TREBLE: 1)triple 2) a high-pitched musical sound
TRENCH: a long ditch dug for protection in battle
TRESS: a lock of human hair
TRIBUTE: done or given to show gratitude
TRINKETS: small ornaments or cheap jewelry
TYRANNY: cruel and unjust use of power by an official
UNFURL: opened up, as with cloth taken out of folded-storage
UNIVERSAL: belongs to a wide range of situations; fits all
UNRAVEL: take apart; break down or figure out
UTTER: to speak out from instinct rather than intention
VALOR: great bravery or courage
VANQUISH: to defeat one's enemy or opponent completely
VAST: of great size or range; often beyond measure
VENERABLE: worthy of respect and honor; to be admired
VERACIOUS: truthful and accurate
VESTIGE: the shadow or traces of something no longer there
VICE: an evil or immoral habit; anti-social behavior
VICTUALS: meals; food for travelers
VIRTUE: a positive quality, something worthy of respect
VIRTUOUS: full of good qualities; well-intended
VISAGE: a person's face or facial expression
VISIT: inflict punishment upon someone
VITAL: of great importance; showing good physical health
VOLLEY: shooting several weapons at the same time
WAN: faint and pale; weak or depressed
WANTON: luxurious; extravagant
WARBLE: to sing in a bird-like pattern and sound
WAY-LAY: to intercept or capture; kidnap or rob
WEEL: Scottish for "well"
WI: Scottish for "with"
WILES: sly or clever tricks intended to fool someone
WINCE: to indicate pain through a twisting movement of the face
WITHER: to dry up and die
WOEFUL: sad; in a state of mourning
WRACKED: to have a violent or shattering effect on something
WRATH: great anger or rage; a strong desire for revenge
WRETCH: an unhappy person who lives in misery
WRETCHED: in poor condition; a horrible state of being
WRITHING: a twisting motion made by a creature in pain
WROUGHT: made by or through hammering as with metal work
YOKED: connected to a harness in order to pull something
YONDER: in or of a distant place; seen in the distance