The Iliad: Gods & Heroes

Andromache: wife of the best Trojan warrior who makes a deal with a river god
Hector: greatest Trojan warrior who eventually dies while running from his foe
Menelaus: husband of Helen, king of Sparta, who fights a winning duel with Paris
Hera: queen of the gods who keeps her husband "busy" as the Greeks win
Patroclus: a hero's friend who dies while wearing that hero's armor
Ulysses: wisest of the Greeks, king of Ithica, who devises a wooden horse
Athena: goddess of wisdom who defeats the god Ares on the battlefield
Aeneas: the only Trojan who is able to escape Troy alive, saving his father
Zeus: king of the gods whose thunder bolts frighten even the immortals
Agamemnon: commander of the Greek forces whose rudeness nearly loses the war
Aphrodite: goddess of love who starts the war by sending Helen to Troy
Priam: king of Troy who enters the Greek camp to recover his son's body
Achilles: greatest Greek warrior who finally dies in a freak-hit with an arrow
Poseidon: god of the sea whose involvement decides the war