Review for Unit Two Test

***Matching for Biographies of Sixteen Period Authors***

Multiple Choice Topics:
1. results from the delay of the English Renaissance
2. chief ruler of the English Renaissance
3. Mary Queen of Scot's claim to the English crown
4. key events in the rule of Henry VIII (things he's noted for)
5. the participants and issues behind the Wars of the Roses
6. patronage and commercialism concerning writers of the renaissance
7. causes of the English Civil War
8. literary "schools" during the Civil War period
9. events that brought the Civil War period to a close
10. the central subject of Sir Thomas Wyatt's "Whoso List to Hunt"
11. the speaker's main complaint in Sir Thomas Wyatt's "The Lover Showeth"
12. autobiographical elements of Queen Elizabeth's "On Monsieur's Departure"
13. the theme of Sir Phillip Sidney's set of sonnets and how they were autobiographical
14. the theme of "Canto I" of "Book I" from Spenser's The Faerie Queen
15. characterization of "Errour" from Spenser's The Faerie Queen
16. characterization of "the lady in mourning" from Spenser's The Faerie Queen
17. Edmund Spenser's rhyme scheme for his sonnets
18. main point of Edmund Spenser's "fire & ice" sonnet
19. main point of Edmund Spenser's "writing in sand" sonnet
20. shepherd's primary motivation in Marlowe's "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love"
21. the girl's chief concern in Raleigh's "The Nymph's Reply"
22. the main ideas of Francis Bacon's analysis of studies
23. William Shakespeare's career and biographical background
24. key point of Shakespeare's "Let me not to the marriage of true minds" sonnet
25. conclusion of Shakespeare's "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun" sonnet
26. conclusion of Shakespeare's "That time of year thou mayst in me behold" sonnet
27. chief issue in Shakespeare's "When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes" sonnet
28. themes from the two Shakespeare songs--"Heat of the Sun" & "Winter Wind"
29. chief themes from the King James Bible "Genesis" and "Psalm 23"
30. themes in the King James Bible's Old and New Testaments
31. main themes of the metaphysical writers
32. the main idea of Donne's "Song"
33. Donne's treatment of Death in his "Death Be Not Proud"
34. Donne's main message to his wife in "Valediction: Forbidding Mourning"
35. Jonson's "mistake" in "To His Son"
36. the main ideas of Jonson's "Song to Celia"
37. the poet's advice in Herrick's "To the Virgins to Make Much of Time"
38. what Suckling suggests about himself in "The Constant Lover"
39. Suckling's advice in "Why So Pale and Wan, Fond Lover"
40. Lovelace's logical reasoning in "To Lucasta, on Going to the Wars"
41. Lovelace's depiction of freedom in "To Althea, from Prison"
42. Marvell's thematic concerns in "To His Coy Mistress"
43. Milton's belief about himself in "How Soon Hath Time"
44. Milton's chief themes in "When I Consider How My Light Is Spent"
45. Satan's refusal to submit in Milton's Paradise Lost
46. Satan's goals or ambitions in Milton's Paradise Lost
47. general treatment of the Pilgrims in Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress

Essay Question Topics:
A. Detail Henry VII plans for a western empire and why they failed
B. the ways and reasons Spenser's The Faerie Queen was constructed
C. autobiographical aspects of Sir Phillip Sidney's set of "Astrophel and Stella" sonnets
D. connect Bacon's "Of Studies" with the development of the Scientific Method.
E. patronage and commercialism concerning Shakespeare's career
F. Oliver Cromwell's biographical background & causes of the civil war
G. themes and writing styles Cavalier and Metaphysical writing movements
H. compare biographical backgrounds of John Milton and John Bunyan