Review for Unit Three Test

IMPORTANT: know biographies of the unit's writers

1. important writers of the Restoration Period
2. the Glorious Revolution of 1688
3. writing styles of the Restoration Period
4. union act of 1707
5. meanings behind Pope's Epigrams
6. theme of Pope's "Essay on Man"
7. John Dryden's literary biography/background
8. main idea of Dryden's "Essay on Dramatic Posey"
9. Aphra Behn's biography
10. main idea of Behn's "On Her Loving Two Equally"
11. writing style of Swift's "A Modest Proposal"
12. "tone" of Swift's "A Modest Proposal"
13. writer's purpose of Swift's Gulliver's Travels
14. main idea of Gulliver's Travels, books one & two
15. main idea of Gulliver's Travels, books three & four
16. central idea of Montagu's "Letter to Her Daughter"
17. main idea of Steele's "Sir Roger de Coverly"
18. main idea of Addison's "Country Manners"
19. Samuel Pepys's literary biography
20. main idea of Pepys's "The London Fire"
21. main idea of Pepys's "The Coronation of Charles II"
22. reason for the decline of English theater in the 1800's
23. Daniel Defoe's biography
24. similarity between Swift and Defoe's novel characters
25. sources of Defoe's Journel of the Plague Year
26. subject of Defoe's Journel of the Plague Year
27. changes leading to the formation of Whig & Tory parties
28. theme of Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard"
29. mood of Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard"
30. Samuel Johnson's biography
31. Thomas Boswell's biography
32. history behind Samuel Johnson's Dictionary
33. strengths and weaknesses of Samuel Johnson's Dictionary
34. the main idea of Johnson's "Letter to Lord Chesterfield"
35. Johnson's self-defense in the "Preface to the Dictionary"
36. Boswell's plan in writing the Life of Samuel Johnson
37. distinction between Pre-Romantics and Romantics

Essay Topics:
1.reasons for the 18th century being the "age of prose"
2. the importance of The Spectator in its time